9 Minute Moto Film Festival

The 9MMFF came about because I was trying to come to terms with the hours of footage that I had taken on my little “adventure” camera. It dawned on me that I knew nothing about editing all this material into something half presentable. After all, how many of you have been invited over to someone’s house to watch hours of helmet cam footage with the road just coming toward you?
Yes, I was that guy who took that footage!
So the challenge was set. I wanted as many of my friends as possible to have a go at editing their helmet cam footage into something interesting.
Thus, the first 9 Minute Moto Film Festival came to be … And boy were we surprised when we saw some of the entries! We had actually tapped into people’s creativity and the results were so wonderful!
So, we hope to do this again each year at the end of May. The location will still be the Mad Dog Cafe in Dead Man’s Flats, Alberta Canada. Once again, we’ll be camping at the “Three Sisters” Campground there but we will also be liaising with some local hotels and motels too for those who prefer a bit more comfort.
…..and why only 9 minutes?
Because that’s my attention span…..I’m usually asleep in the cinema at the 10 minute point.

Visit: 9mmff.com