What is MotoExped?

MotoExped got its name from two words, Motorcycle and Expedition. In late 2012, Nevil Stow was preparing for a 5 month motorcycle ride around the world on his Suzuki DR650 with friend Ulf Mueller. Nevil came up with the idea that MotoExped would be a good name for their joint website and blog but Ulf beat him to it with rtw2013.com! Thus MotoExped was shelved for about 9 months but was activated upon Nevil’s return to Canada and used as a platform for his blog and links to local rides, riders and sponsors.

Over a relatively short timeframe, MotoExped became registered as a business and has become the parent company of the 9 Minute Moto Film Festival, the brainchild of Nevil and Michelle Stow that seeks to showcase short (9 minutes to be precise) movies made by motorcyclists and travelers around the globe. More details can be found at 9mmff.com.

The aim of MotoExped was originally to highlight western Canadian rides and riders, their backcountry routes & trails and serve as a platform for “paying it forward” to travelers to the area. Whilst this has predominantly been the case, MotoExped has organically grown to become the business side of the 9 Minute Moto Film Festival and an upcoming dual sport school & adventure workshop.

Stay tuned. There will be more on the table soon!